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Investing for the Future

We at Greener Futures Management, LLC believe in solving problems for the benefit of people and the planet. We do so by nurturing relationships over real estate, providing affordable beautiful problem-free housing & giving back to organizations that further nurture people & the planet. We often times rehab homes that might be suitable for derelicts & turn them into equitable solutions for families. Affordable housing with great success rates forequity are important steps for families to build wealth in our communities. Win win terms for property sellers and buyers in ANY situation helps owners get what they need out of their property.

It is Greener Futures Management, LLC ‘s goal to become a bigger help to the community & it’s issues. It’s difficult to find affordable rents around the Hawaiian Islands. Difficult to find & purchase an updated home for an affordable price. The number of homeless people are increasing. It’s difficult to permit new structures & difficult to house people in un-permitted structures without utilities, even after disasters like the Puna lava flow reclaiming hundreds of homes has taken place. It is our plan to be of service to the community & help with our professional expertise of REI. In addition, we hope to create more & more resources to help the planet & its people as Greener Futures Management, LLC grows.

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We Buy Houses, Land, Commercial RE & Multi-units

We buy properties in ANY condition. Leave your property AS IS & we will pay CASH or TERMS.

We Sell Houses & Owner Finance Lands

Our homes are sold with no problems & no hang ups when you need to qualify fast for financing. See below for upcoming homes that will be ready to sell soon!

Learn how to Invest in Real Estate!

From privately investing to actually learning how to be an investor, we have many resources available. Check out the Private Money Lending page and the Investor Education page for more information.

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